Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loom Humor

Who knew what would happen if you dropped the first and last letters from the name TARSES? As I was tossing out paper, I found this old poster from when I was selling at craft fairs. Not wanting to throw away a perfectly good piece of paper, I used it to wind back my last warp in this place. As I was weaving my next to the last warp, I glanced over and couldn't believe my eyes.

Meanwhile at the other end of the apartment...
Quandary: Should I move the cedar chest full or empty?

When I say "I", I actually mean the movers.


Kathleen said...

I say let the movers move it full! Being part scotch, why waste storage space? And, of course, that's what those brawny men are for, no?

Anonymous said...

OK -- totally laughing my 'arse' off at this one! Weaving humor indeed.

Happy moving :)