Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Welcome to the new feature, INSPIRED BY BONNIE: If you have taken a workshop from me, heard a lecture by me, read an article by me, or purchased one of my kits, here is an opportunity to show and tell. AND win fabulous prizes too! People who submit their show and tell will be entered into a drawing to receive my new kit "A Gamp For All Seasons" (a personal horoscope translated into winding draft that weaves up into myriad bands of woven color).

Here is the first!

I heard about you on the Weave Cast Podcast. I subsequently looked up your article in Handwoven and was fascinated by the idea of weaving someones horoscope. Your instructions were quite straightforward. It was more difficult to decide on the yarns. I had never used Bamboo but it turned out super. The colors are vibrant and bamboo has a wonderful feel to it. It was a good choice. One of the design features I like best is the multiplication of threads for the planets. This not only acts as an accent but adds a texture aspect to the garment.
I made it for my sister, Amy Lear, and it suits her perfectly. She was thrilled to receive it. I am looking forward to making another one.

thank you
Perry Drevo
Lewes, De

Here is the second!

My husband Rich and I heard Bonnie's "horoscope warp" interview with Syne Mitchell on WeaveCast, and were quite intrigued. Without me knowing, he got my birth information from my birth certificate and a conversation with my Mom, contacted Bonnie, and arranged to have my horoscope warp in time for a surprise Christmas gift. Ohio winters are very gray, and I was delighted to see all the wonderful colors in my own personal warp - colors I would never have thought to combine in one piece. The warp Bonnie sent was Bambu 7; I added a 10/2 cotton border on each side so I could have a wrap-around shawl. I wove the shawl with an 8/2 Tencel weft in plain weave, as Bonnie suggested, and plied the fringe. It was my first experience with Bambu yarn - yummy, especially after I washed and hard pressed the fabric.

The "blanket bandits" are Wolfie and Squirt. They are always willing to tolerate a little interruption to their nap time if they get loveys and treats.

Thanks, Bonnie.

Peggy Bowman
Beavercreek, Ohio


Terri said...

Both horoscopes are lovely and are inspiring me to get my horoscope on the loom.

Charleen said...

What a wonderful idea, Bonnie. I'm looking forward to seeing all the projects you've inspired.