Saturday, February 23, 2008

Birthday Postposed Due to Lack of Interest

Have you ever had a great idea? And then had 10 great ideas? And soon there were so many ideas swirling around in your brain that you could hardly brush your teeth and get dressed in the morning?

Birthday Wish Collage entitled: ONE WORLD WEAVERS.

I had lots of great ideas about my upcoming birthday, but one by one I have let them go. The reason for this is I am once again getting ready to leave town. I am heading to Santa Fe to do a kind of "trunk show" at Body of Santa Fe
I say "kind of" because most trunk shows have lots of products to sell on the spot, and I will be taking orders for Color Horoscope Weavings. I am in the process of putting together a brochure to hand out to potential and will leave in their gift shop that will remind everyone just how wonderful my weavings are and why they need to have one.

Have you ever made a brochure? Well, this will be my third one. The other two were focused on my workshops, and there is nothing in them I can use for this one. What has stopped me in my tracks has always been what to call what I do. I have spend over 20 years trying out different names, and I keep coming back to Color Horoscope Weaving. I have been playing around with Moment in Time Weaving and Twelve Treasures Astrology Weaving. (I now believe Twelve Treasures sounds too much like Chinese food and Moment in Time seems vague)The funny part is I just clicked on the Body's link and they already have published my little story and the title Color Horoscope Weaving. Kind of a moot point:-)

Now I have to get busy and have some woven samples to give potential customers an idea of what they can order. Those of you who sell your work will understand what a great challenge it is to sell a weaving that the customer can't see before they purchase. I do make it clear that I totally guarantee their satisfaction. I have only had to reweave a shawl on two different occasions ;-0

For both purely educational and entertainment values, I will be posting a lot right up to flight time---3/14


Peg in South Carolina said...

You are going to be a bit busy...????And still have time to post? I sure hope so as I look forward to hearing about the details of this adventure.

Unknown said...

Instead of calling it Horoscope, would you consider calling it birthdate weaving? I usually get a better response astrology wise, when I tell them that a horoscope is a snapshot of the sky the moment they were born. It also might help to imply that a Birthdate weaving would make an awesome and unique birthDAY gift...