Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Gift of a Little Bag

I just cut and pasted the following directly from the "Small Steps" website. Although these are not my words, I feel moved to include them in my blog. A new friend, Sharmila, told about this amazing project, and now I am telling you....

Think about it..

Do you want to make a difference, but do not know how? Do you think that only big steps and big actions can only make a difference?

Think again!

Everyone around us can talk about problems. How many of us can think of solutions? Out of the ones who can talk about solutions, how many of us are ready to take a step forward and execute those solutions?

If you believe that environment needs solutions, and you are ready to join us in this move to clean the environment around us, read on.

Join us in taking simple solutions, join us doing those little things that make a difference...join us in taking ...Small Steps!

So what is the problem?


Every day millions of plastic bags are disposed and destroyed, polluting our environment. Be it for shopping, for carrying our belongings or simply for getting items from the nearby store - we have seemed to live with plastic bags, and cannot do without it. Is there a way out of this mess? Can we do something about it or we keep destroying the environment around us?

A simple solution

Carry a shopping bag always with you...
We have designed a compact little bag for you!

The little bag

What can a little bag do?

  • Every single bag can effectively prevent dumping of 200 throw-away plastic bags.
  • Every single bag can provide a meaningful job to women who are empowering themselves.
  • Every single bag can educate a whole family about environmental issues.

10 million handmade bags!

Hand crafted for a beautiful world

  • We are making 10 million bags
  • Yes, by hand!
  • Creating 1000 jobs for 1000 people for 1000 days.
It is not only about making a better world,
It is also about changing ourselves,
Learning new values,
Taking responsibility,
Loving our mother earth.

Go to: www.smallsteps.in
"And get one of these great little bags. Get a dozen. I just love mine! The only thing better than having a little bag is giving a little bag to someone else. It is a perfect gift."
The words in quotes above ARE mine, and I really mean it. Bonnie


Meg said...

Bonnie, how did you get a hold of one of their bags? By writing to them directly?

Bonnie said...

I met Sharmila who found a link to my website. She is a little bag guardian (has supported the project financially) and is also a little bag ambassador (volunteers to distribute the bags). I think you can order bags online at their site. I believe you can become a guardian and/or an ambassador yourself. Sharmila gave me some bags, but I haven't tried to get more yet, but I certainly will. Let me know if you can't figure it out and I will have Sharmila help you.

Ruby Re-Usable said...

very cool, Bonnie! thanks for sharing this post about how important it is to have reusable bags, love, etc Ruby Re-Usable