Saturday, December 1, 2007

Home Again Home Again

It's good to be back in Seattle even though it looks like this today. I am grateful that I am not traveling today. The snow is supposed to be gone by tomorrow, and we are told to expect flooding in the lowlands by Monday.

It really is pretty.

Remember those 10 cashmere sweaters? Well, here they are at the end of my trip after my mother and I did a marathon of un-knitting. Actually, these are only 9 of the sweaters. The 10th sweater was in perfect condition and looked so good on my mother's significant other that I gave it to him.

Even though I have been away from my loom for weeks, I haven't abandoned my thoughts of weaving. Let's see how long it takes me to get up my steam again. I do have several deadlines to meet in the next couple of weeks before I hit the road again.

I'm still not completely unpacked.


Christine said...

That snow is so pretty! I hope you are scoring some great airlines miles!!

Sharon said...

Ah, the story of un-knitting with your mother touches a cord with me. I was born when my mother was 42, and perhaps it's because she was older, she had the patience to teach me to knit when I was nine. I didn't have that kinds of patience when my kids were nine! When she could no longer knit but missed the tactile feel of yarn, I'd give her my projects that needed to be frogged. She truly seemed happy to return usable yarn to me, some which, though she is no longer with me, I still have. Thanks for sharing that story~