Monday, October 29, 2007

Words with Images

It is difficult for me to write a post without accompanying images, but every time I tried to take some pictures today the phone would ring or it would be lunch time. I did manage to get this one. Although I am not happy with it, you get an idea of what is going on Gary--- a test scarf in Bambu 7 with an unknitted cashmere weft. I have only ever used the Bambu 12 with the cashmere, and I have a commission for a double wide horoscope shawl in Bambu 7 and cashmere. Sample, sample, sample! I will begin weaving this tomorrow. It is one of the items on my list.

I did get the cashmere sweaters shipped off to Baltimore to my unknitting factory (my mother:)) I also shipped off the wrapped jewelry supplies for my workshop. The NWDC New Members Luncheon invitation is completed (There are some glitches concerning the venue that have to be worked out tomorrow. That part wasn't on my original list) I cut the towel warp off the loom. I made the "Questionnaire" for the Color Horoscope Weaving Workshop.

All of the above is part of the "to do" list. Judging from the lack of comments, I gather my list isn't nearly as compelling to you as it is to me.

You'd rather see those juicy pictures as would I.
Tomorrow after I get my flu shot I will take pictures of the following:
1. Completed Woven Words bamboo/cashmere shawl.
2. Completed Just Our Yarn (10/2 tencel) Color Horoscope Weaving/Turned Weft Ikat Shawl
3. Just off the loom Turned Weft Ikat towels.
4. Weaving on the loom test bamboo/cashmere scarf


Laritza said...

I have not commented but I have been reading. Your ToDoList is almost as bad as mine! I did thread the loom and began sleying yesterday. It should go quick because I have the automatic hook. That is where I used to make the most mistakes, for some reason going from one dent to the next and my eyes do not agree. With the automatic denter thingy I goes like a breeze.
I have also been playing with an ikat warp idea. I have all this silk in spools that came with my loom it is the ugliest brown/dirty ecru color you can imagine. But I think that if I dye it solid with a light color and then overdye using the ikat wraps I should be able to come up with something nice. Time will tell.

Christine said...

I totally dug your list. In fact, it prompted me to make one of my own to get my priorities straight. :)

Have fun at your luncheon!

Valerie said...

Your really knocking those items off the list. I'm so inspired I decided to follow your lead and take my dh's advice as well!

I love every warp you have put up on your blog and your webpage. sigh....color is addictive.

Sharon said...

I hope you'll show us this with weft. I want to see what you do with those wonderful colors.