Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yes, I'm Still Weaving---Every Day

The bamboo/cashmere snugly shawl/throw moves along at a pleasant pace. I'm not rushing along or bogging down.
One of my favorite moments in weaving is when the last paper drops. When I first started weaving, I used brown paper (white paper if I had it). One day I discovered corrugated cardboard and switched to that for several years. The cardboard is great until it begins to break down (which is rather rapidly), and then I start having tension problems. It took me a couple of years to discover the root of my tension problems, but when I switched back to brown paper...problem solved!
On the other loom (Grace), I have the beginnings of my ikat towel experiment.

How do I select the weft color? As a rule of thumb: the weft is the color you have the most of. In this case, I have enough of all of the colors . I begin by weaving a small stripe of each of the colors in the warp to see which one I like the best. I was hoping the white would be the one, (because I have the most white) but alas it is not. I don't care for the dark either. (which is good because I have the least of the almost "black")


Peg in South Carolina said...

Sooooo, what color is it going to be? Or maybe more than one color? I really like choice-making times. And sometimes I do my best choosing when what I wanted to do originally turns out to be impossible.

Dorothy said...

You have some very attractive warps there Bonnie!

Thanks for the brown paper tip, I've been trying to find a source of corrugated card, I won't bother now I am aware of how it collapses. Whatismore, I already have several rolls of brown paper. By the way, just came here via Peg's blog and her quote from you about unweaving.