Saturday, October 6, 2007

Integrating Panel #5 of The Big Commission

Panel #5 is the horizontal purpley one closest to you. These pictures are just my beginning to experiment with the placement of the panels.

It’s quite exciting to see this puzzle start to take shape. Since I haven’t written anything down or taken any notes (except for the dimensions of the panels), it is thrilling to see for the first time a broad hint of the finished piece.

When patterns repeat, it is easy for the eye and brain to take it in. When there is constant variation and no repeat, it is much more challenging for the eye/brain. I wonder if that is a positive or negative feature for a bed covering?

I much prefer the center panel in this picture. I am going to have to find a place where I can lay this whole thing out so I can really see it. There will be 2 more horizontal purpley panels that will go along the outside edge. The bed it is being made for is a king I believe, but it is at least a queen. It’s interesting to note how well this blanket (actually it is more of a sleeping mantle) looks with my purple wall.The bed is a standard double, and I am as far away from it as I can get..

Oh another little feature: I photoshopped the dresser and window out of the picture and inadvertently took out a little of the blanket. I have just an Elements 2 that someone gave me. I haven’t figured out much, but some.


Laritza said...

It is beautiful!

Marie said...

That will be one stunning blanket. What method will you use to join the panels? I'm always searching for the perfect seaming technique. Or at least a better one. Wool seams disappear yet cotton seams "seem" to glare at me. Words of wisdom?

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the question, Marie. I will make this the subject of a future post. I do have a lovely invisible join I will be talking about once I get all the panels woven. It is true that wool is the easiest, but cotton isn't nearly as difficult as chenille. The main trick is to join along the edge of a stripe where a color change happens.