Monday, September 17, 2007

Dye Day #5 Eve

Here are 4 stages of Turned Weft Ikat, but not in any particular order. All the way to the right you see a bit of a cone of undyed 8/2 unmercerized cotton. The white skein is tied and ready to dye. Then there are a couple of dyed skeins (or what's left of them) resting on a finished Turned Weft Ikat towel. This picture has potential, but I will re-shoot it.

Once I got all of my wrapping supplies out, I realized this was what I was procrastinating about.
I just didn't feel like wrapping fifteen 2 oz skeins. Here we see my wrapping materials: Glad Kitchen Bags, Compactor (a stronger bag that works pretty well); Glad Tall Kitchen , Quick Tie (are a little too stretchy for me) ; the big roll is official Japanese Kasuri wrapping tape (I like the compactor bags better, but it is nice to have options); and pink carpet warp (good for detailed tying)

This is my reward. Some of my skeins are mostly white with just a few black accents. This means that I have to cover most of the skein in plastic. I have been having a hard time masking the majority of the skein without having a fair amount of seepage. I believe this is caused in part by the change in quality of the plastic bags. It had never occurred to me to use a coating of masking tape over top of the tall kitchen bag. I left some of the bag exposed on the left skein to see how much more or less seepage will occur.

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