Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dye Day #5 The Drying

The sun came out for a brief instant, and I caught this moment with my handy camera. Notice my sophisticated drying rack. I pulled the skeins inside this morning since they were still not dry. It's been 4 days now, but who's counting. I haven't turned on my heat yet, so I don't know how much faster it will be inside although they are predicting rain today. I can tell it rained during the night as well. The patio is covered, so the skeins were only exposed to the damp, no direct rainfall.

Almost dry and much lighter, I still can't tell which one is navy and which one is midnight blue. Any guesses?

The skein on the right is bamboo, on the left 8/2 cotton. I do know they were both in the same dye bath. What can I say, the bamboo takes the dye so much better.

And here is the black. I don't mind the gray, but I now understand what people mean when they say black is hard to dye. They must have been trying to dye unmercerized cotton.

Once the yarn is dried, I will explain my method of Turned Weft Ikat and why I don't wind my warps first and tie warps instead of skeins.

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