Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beginnings, Endings, Middles, More Beginnings

Beginnings: I keep forgetting to post this luscious yarn. It must be that I am covetous as this is Laritza's yarn, not mine. It is spun from a blend of wool and her own alpaca, and she dyed it to use in her horoscope weaving. I will keep you posted as will she. I apologize for being slow on the uptake. Go click on her name and read a detailed account of color selection and the dyeing process.

Endings: I have one side twisted. I hated to take this weaving down off the wall. Until I finish twisting the fringe, I don't have to think about the washing part. The background weaving is a linen napkin woven by Virginia West of the Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore
I attended their 50th anniversary banquet. There was a handwoven napkin at each place setting, and we all got to keep our napkin. That was just one marvelous detail of a grand celebration.

Middles: Weave a little everyday. Panel #5 of the Big Commission

More Beginnings: Here I am starting a shawl using Woven Words and Turned Weft Ikat (I haven't wound these 6 additional chains yet) for the warp and recycled cashmere for the weft. I will give you more details as I progress. The warp will be 30" wide, sett 24 epi (Bambu 12).

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Laritza said...

The skeins are now neatly wound into spools!