Saturday, September 15, 2007

Creative Procrastination

1. Go to the Saturday Farmers Market and purchase attractive vegetables. I don't usually take pictures of provocative vegetables, but this radish was too good to ignore. The squash is pretty interesting too.
2. Take pictures of my vegetables.

3. Look at the warp I wound yesterday.
I wound another towel warp, but I think I will wait until after my next Dye Day early next week. I'll have some additional shades to work with.

4. Weave just enough so I can say I wove today.
Somehow I lost the picture of my "weaving everyday". I'll catch you up with Grace in the next post. I must have been too anxious to move on to the real creative part of Creative Procrastination.

5. Start to clear the piles of stuff off the guest bed in my office.

6. Become distracted by a box of photographs made from my digital images.
Before my recent "Turned Weft Ikat" presentation to the Whibey Weavers Guild, I converted 47 digital images into slides. I decided to print out 4x6 all of the images and take them to the slide processing lab. Now that I have the slides, I don't really need the prints.

7. Crop pictures to show just weaving or yarn.

8. Spend an evening assembling and re-assembling little bits of colored paper.

Much to my delight, a new series of greeting cards emerged. I just happened to have a brand new box of 50 blank greeting cards (with envelopes).

9. Take pictures of the pictures of my weaving.

10. Plan to use a tripod the next time I take pictures.


Anonymous said...

Those greeting cards are terrific. What a great idea and just goes to show that procrastination is sometimes a good thing.

Bonnie said...

Thanks Ann,
I have to admit that this isn't the first time I have made greeting cards using my weaving as inspiration. That's why I just happened to have 50 blank cards just sitting around. I make a couple hundred cards every year. I sell some at our guild sale (actually far too few), but manage to use them up myself the year.

Leigh said...

Your post made my day. I love handcrafted greeting cards and yours are sensational. Thanks for the feedback about my new blog template. It is very much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Georgeous Procrastination Bonnie. The cards are a delightful showcasing of your creative spirit.