Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weaving at Last

Finally! The Crawling Stage: I love how the turquoise weft shifts the warm colors adding subtle nuances I couldn't have imagined. The colors seem to change in different light. This weaving will travel from the Northwest to its home in the Southwest. I know it will look completely different in the Southern light.

While I am weaving this piece, I am also preparing to teach 3 workshops in Southern California in a month. Click for details. I will include my preparation process as I go along. If any of you wonder what it takes to present an out of town workshop, I hope to give you the answer.

My home studio isn't very large, but I can and have presented small in house workshops. I can handle from 1-4 students at a time and welcome inquiries.


Unknown said...

so, how is it that you chose the turquoise?

Bonnie said...

I didn't choose turquoise, the person whose chart it is chose turquoise. The scarf is going to live in Santa Fe. It will be amazing in the light down there.

Lois said...

In the photo I see that your selvege thread is going
out away from the rest of the warp. Does it go into
the reed a distance away from the other warp threads? This method instead of a temple?

Bonnie said...

Lois, I usually skip a dent for my floating selvege. I used to skip 2 dents, but I think my edges are a little better with skipping just one. I never thought of the skipping a dent the same as a temple, but I guess I am using it that way. (although I have never used a temple)

Lois said...

What is/are the words in this woven piece?

Bonnie said...

Lois, This weaving is a Color Horoscope Weaving not Woven Words.Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. I will be posting a Woven Words piece in a day or two, once I get the weaving under way.