Thursday, February 22, 2007

Step by Step Easy Ikat

The reason why I didn't post yesterday was because I was winding these 25 skeins. Each skein is about 2.5 oz. and 60" around. I put in both pictures. This top one was taken with a flash and makes the yarn look like silk. It is really 3/2 cotton. I will be teaching 3 workshops next month, and this yarn will be used in one of the workshops: Easy Ikat. In a one-day workshop, it is impossible to do the dyeing and wind a warp too. Of course, in most ikat processes the warp is wound first.
Now this looks more like 3/2 cotton. Sadly, Halcyon Yarns didn't have enough natural, so I opted for this tan color. It kind of looks like yarn that has been discharged. If someone asks, I will explain what discharge is.
Today was the Seattle Weavers' Guild meeting, so I packed up the skeins and got half of them wrapped during the meeting and finished up the rest this evening. I use cut up garbage bags and a little bit of carpet warp to do most of my tying. Sometimes I use raffia when I am dyeing for myself and want a little more precision. I will speak more about my tying strategies after I have dyed the yarn and you can see the results.

Tomorrow is Friday, and on Saturday I am scheduled to dye yarn will a couple of Guild friends. Stay tuned for the next chapter of this venture.

I used to say, "The secret of Easy Ikat is to get someone to dye the yarn FOR you." I went to great lengths to seek out dyers. I don't have a set up for dyeing at home, plus I always found it to be rather messy. I tend to be somewhat on the clumsy side which is one of the reasons I took up weaving. In glass blowing, for instance, if you drop molten glass on your foot....But in weaving, if you drop yarn on your foot, no problem.

I've changed though. Now I say, "The secret of Easy Ikat is to get someone to dye the yarn WITH you. So on Saturday we will journey out to Kay's and dye some yarn!


Laritza said...

How fun! It is nice to have you online and blogging. I know we are in for a lot of useful information. I still have to get the yarns and get started on my horoscope of these days, hopefully soon.

Bonnie said...

Laritza, I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. You will probably need and want to contact me once you get started on your horoscope scarf. You will do it when the time is right, and you will know. I'm delighted you have found my blog.

Lois said...

Have you considered having an online workshop for those of us who live too far away to attend a workshop?

Bonnie said...

Yes Lois, I have as a matter of fact. I'm glad you mentioned it. I would be happy to hear any of your suggestions about how this would work.

For the next couple of months it will have to be in the planning stage though, because I am committed to several actual workshops.

Where do you live, by the way?

Lois said...

I moved from Seattle to SW VA (Roanoke).

I would be very interested in an internet workshop
on horoscope weaving also. I love working with
color and am fascinated by what you are weaving.

Bonnie said...

I am teaching a Horoscope Weaving Workshop in NE Virginia in April

Lois said...

I emailed the person in charge and check Mapquest
to see where Round Hill is: 200 miles north of me.
That's a lot closer than Seattle. 8^)

I'm glad that you mentioned it.

Bonnie said...

Yes Lois,
I'm glad I asked where you live. Maybe I will see you in April.

Terri said...

I'm in your BRSWG class and I'm looking forward to it.

Lois said...

I signed up for the workshop.
I am glad that you asked where I live.
I'm looking forward to it.

Bonnie said...

Woo Hoo! Terri and Lois, I am really looking forward to the workshop.