Monday, February 12, 2007

Bamboo Horoscope Scarf Warp Chains

Embryonic Stage-- When I first count out the 360 lengths, there is a delightful fluidity. Notice how the threads love to pose.

I just spent a fantastic week doing a NIA intensive workshop. NIA is a dance fusion fitness program incorporating dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts. It is loads of fun especially for people like me who spend lots of time sitting and don't like to "exercise".

Check out their website and find a class near you. It is the perfect way for me to thank my body for almost 50 years at the loom and for all the years to come.


Unknown said...

just looking at all those beautiful threads makes me swoon!

It looks like it's going to be gorgeous.

BTW, I've decided to name my two looms as well. The giant "monster" loom is going to be named Grendal, and the smaller LeClerc is going to be Beowulf... I need to doublecheck my mythology, but those two names immediately came to mind.

Bonnie said...

Ames, I wouldn't rush into naming your big loom Grendal. I used to have a cat I named Grendal, and she truly was a monster. The other cat, Beowulf, was heroic and wonderful. I suggest you name the big loom after a great teacher if you want the loom to become a great teacher for you rather than your nemesis.