Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No, This is the Very Best Part!

The Walking Stage: Other weavers have remarked that photographing weaving is almost as much fun as weaving itself. If I take the time, I can get a piece of cloth to do almost anything and hold its pose indefinitely. Although I have entitled this picture "The Walking Stage", I believe it looks more like "The Dancing Stage".

With a mixture of happiness and sadness, I popped it in the mail today. I believe many weavers have a blend of emotions when they let go of their weaving--especially one that looks and feels as wonderful as they'd hoped.

One of the good things about Color Horoscope Weaving is that I know exactly how long it took me to create this weaving, and I know I could reproduce it in that same amount of time.

I almost forgot to mention (actually I did forget to mention it until someone asked) the yarn is bambu #12 from Silk City. The ends are doubled and wound at 24 epi. If anything, it feels better than it looks. I washed it in the washing machine along with my colored clothes (cold water) and half dried it in the dryer at a low setting. I finished drying it by pressing with a dry iron. I like the sheen I get from the pressing, very silky looking. I know the bamboo yarn will stand up to rougher treatment, but I still tend to baby it a little.


Unknown said...

Now that I understand how these are constructed, I'm almost able to read them like the actual horoscope. It really is like encoding a secret message to be read only by those who have the decoder ring... plus it's just beautiful.

Very much like Madame LaFarge encoding messages into her knitting... are you starting a revolution??? LOL..

Bonnie said...

Ames, You are a smarter person than I. It took me years and hundreds of horoscope weavings before I started to get the hang of "reading" the weaving. I was hoping, however, to transcend astrology and the need for a "reading" altogether.By translating astrological symbols into the non-verbal language of color,it is often easier to recognize ones beauty on an energetic level. Perhaps I am starting a revolution :)

Lois said...

The colors are beautiful. Bamboo?

Bonnie said...

Hi Lois, Yes it's bamboo, the #12 from Silk City. I should have put that in the post. Thanks for asking