Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weaving in the Garden--- Final Preparations

I wound the Dalai Lama warp all the way back on the warp beam. I wrapped a nice towel around it all and secured the lease sticks in place. I have never done this before. It should work though.

Awaiting the arrival of the chariot.
Grace and Gary have changed places. While I am weaving the Dalai Lama on Grace in Montana, Breanne will be weaving her horoscope on Gary---her first weaving. I left her Peggy Osterkamp's new book, so she should be just fine.


Valerie said...

Good wishes for the journey.
It's been fascinating to read your posts on this. You inspired me to pull The Silk Workers Notebook off my shelf to read again.
Lucky Breanne!

Cate Rose said...

Have a fantastic adventure, Bonnie!