Monday, August 2, 2010

Weaving in the Garden---Preparations

For several days now I have fallen well below the learning curve as make the switch over to a laptop. However, Irene over at the Cotton Clouds Blog is going to beat the band. Take a look. It is fabulous!

It is now just about 36 hours until leave for Montana with so many chapters of the tale to tell.

So let me bring you somewhat up to date.

To create such a special weaving in a special place at a special time, I decided to use natural dyed silk. Of course Cheryl Kolander of Aurora Silk came to mind. In case you are not familiar with Cheryl, here she is:

Cheryl Kolander, who has created these colours, is the senior natural dyer in the world today. For 42 years she has practiced and perfected her art. A meditator since the age of 8, she has actively prayed and worked for peace all her life. She practices Thibetan Vajra Yoga in the Shakya tradition.

Cheryl lives at her Urban Peace Silk Farm in Portland, Oregon. She has written and published many books, including “A Silkworker's Notebook”, currently in its third edition; “Brilliant Colours with Natural Dyes”; “Dancing Darvisha”, pictures of Uzbekistan and inspired poems; “Lem'me Help” , a novel; “Working Words”, poetry of activism; and is currently working on “Stones that Talk”, Buddahs' Wisdom from the caves at Ellora, India.

Cheryl has raised four children and modestly supports herself and many others thru her small business “Aurora Silk”, a source for quality textile art materials, information and education, about natural textiles, natural dyes and especially Peace silk. ( As “Mama D.O.C.” (=”Mother, Doctor of Caring”) she does non-profit, natural health work in her community and around the world, with small, independent projects in the Dominican Republic, India and Uzbekistan. Cheryl has donated the dyework and the dyes for these colours: “Every action, every word, every thought creates its vibration, that flows out, continuously.”

Dyes used:

1 – Buddah's Yellow and 2 – Aurora Gold

Fusticwood from Cheryl's Dominican Republic Logwood Project – Eco harvest and Way Beyond Fair Trade.

3 – Ruddy Orange

Madder root from village plots in Turkey, part of a multi-national effort to restore the art of Natural dyed Turkish carpets. Organically raised, village produced.

4 – Scarlet, and 5 – Crimson, and 6 – Plum violet

Cochineal, the rare natural dye that comes from a domesticated insect. Raised in high mountain valleys of Peru and Chile, these sedentary scales live on prickly pear cactus, and are harvested at the end of their life cycle. Organically raised, women's farm co-op produced.

7- Purple

Logwood from Cheryl's Dominican Republic Logwood Project – Eco harvest and
Way Beyond Fair Trade.

8 – Dark Blue

Indigo, naturally fermented by Cheryl to make a permanent dye. This Indigo is raised by women farmers in El Salvador, and processed in vats built during Spanish colonial times. Organically raised, village produced.

9- Light Blue

Indigo, naturally fermented by Cheryl to make a permanent dye. This Indigo is from the oldest continuously producing Indigo farm in India. Organically raised, traditional farm produced.

10 – Blue Green, 11- Emerald Green 12- Spring Green

Indigo blue base, with varying amounts of Fusticwood yellow to make green.

Variegated colours: Indigo, Fusticwood, Cochineal

Colours are permanently fixed according to ancient techniques, using food grade alum and the nutritional supplemental minerals tin and iron. All these colours are good for the health of the wearer: physically, emotionally and mentally. All these colours benefit the planet and all its people: ecologically, economically and socially.

All Cheryl's dyework is a spiritual practice. These colours were begun on the Spring Equinox 2010 and completed for the Summer Solstice.

What is there to say after that--except get started winding skeins into balls!

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Peacecat said...

I just discovered your blog, and am very grateful for the wisdom and insight you impart! Thanks for the "blurb" on Cheryl Kolander - very informative!