Sunday, August 8, 2010

Warping in the Garden

It is a most interesting experience warping a loom outside on a windy day. I had to give up trying to keep the threads aligned as they went around the back beam.

It is equally interesting to realize I forgot to bring the lease sticks I usually use to support the cross while I thread through the heddles. Those of you who are weavers should find it somewhat amusing that I used the breast bar and the beater bar to support the lease. Fortunately I brought lots of rope and string to lash everything up tight (something I don't usually do)

I also didn't bring a low stool, so I was sitting up a bit higher than I usually do which made threading a bit slower.
And although it was a hot bright sunny day, you can see it is actually somewhat shadowy from where I was sitting. But it was divine having the prayer flags flapping in the breeze all around me.

Can you see the figure of Yum Chenmo off in the distance? It's quite a bit different than my apartment in Seattle. (grin)

Knots are tied and I am all ready to begin tomorrow on the first day of the new moon.


Breanne said...

Awesome - I can't wait to see day one.

Unknown said...

We are ready too. Big day for all of us