Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buddha Garden Weaving Day #3

I came out on the porch and examined my progress--with just one more day to weave.
I am pleased with the amount I have left to weave. I am also pleased that there are not gale winds and rain today. I didn't take any images until I was ready to cut the weaving from the loom. (It was then that the sky darkened and thunder and lightening filled the sky). This is the big moment. I used to say that the reason for weaving was "having woven". Although it may not be the reason, it is a very good part. I know it is the journey-- not the destination, and this has been one amazing journey.

Here is comes!
I just accidentally erased the picture of my hands untying the knots that attach the weaving to the front beam. Oh well....

I never can resist mugging with cloth. I wonder what it means to have that dark cloud hovering over my head? I just noticed that (grin)

I am sitting in Butterfly Herbs in Missoula taking advantage of the wireless connection. I am running out of time, but I will post some more tomorrow. I am not able to connect from where I am staying, so I will have to get used to becoming more efficient. Tomorrow I will attempt to upload more than 5 pictures as per Connie's suggestion.


Dianne said...

Those clouds are lifting, rising :)
What an amazing experience.

Valerie said...

Lovely fabric!! Wow!

And I love the top that you are wearing.

Thanks for blogging about this journey.

margery meyers haber said...

Those colors are great!