Thursday, May 20, 2010

Which Weft

Left up to me, I would just continue to weave horizontal stripes, changing color at my whim. But it is not always up to me.

This scarf is going to be a surprise, so the purchaser had to find out favorite colors without tipping her hand. Here are my directives:
  • Vibrant colors---bright green is one of her favs (There is no bright green in Bambu 12)--then I'd say yellow, blue (also no bright blue in B12)---and maybe pink or purple---all bright bright!


Since I have enough warp for 2 scarves, and I just had to begin weaving for my mental health, I picked the bright yellow. The picture below is not as bright as the weaving actually is. The lighting is strange this morning.

It is an interesting exercise to weave with a color with which I don't particularly resonate. I have to keep in mind that this scarf is going to the Southwest, and bright in the Northwest is not the same.


Unknown said...

Beautiful - do horizontals at your whim! I like the last horizontal stripe (the stripe closest to the top of the picture) - it seems to keep the colors the brightest (to me). What do you think?


I agree with Karyn, I like the top stripe, the yellow is also bright. I would love to see what a dark weft would do.