Sunday, May 16, 2010

What to Do While I am Working Up the Courage to Cut the Towels Apart

When I was at the WARP meeting, Irene and I exchanged ideas for ways to improve the Color Horoscope Weaving Kits. I had this idea for the Baby Blanket and decided the only way to see if was an improvement was to weave it.

Instead of having a wide solid white border and having 1" wide solid colored planet stripes, I thought it would be more interesting to use some variegated yarn.

I really love the effect of the variegated yarn.

The planets still stand out. Compare this with the picture of the weaving with the Teddy Bear (to the right)

I just cut the blanket off the loom. I seem to be on a roll. The blanket measured 33"x74" before laundering. It is in the dryer with 3 tennis balls as I write, so now I have no excuse for not cutting the towels apart and hemming them. (unless I decide wind another warp instead) Grin!

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