Wednesday, May 19, 2010


THE HEMMING: For some strange reason I can't seem to get myself to cut apart those ikat towels. While I am working up the (umph) to cut, I hemmed the Irene's Baby Blanket and got it shipped off. I really love the subtle effect of the variegated yarn around each planet. This blanket will be on display at Convergence in the Cotton Clouds booth.

THE HAWING: I decided I should wind another warp instead of finished off those towels. Here is the color selection for a Woven Words scarf 80% paid for with Cashmere Dollars (For every old cashmere sweater a client brings me, I take $35 off the price of a weaving). I am using Bambu 12, will double the ends and sett at 24 epi.

The client selects 3 or 4 meaningful words and their favorite colors, and I combine the words and colors into a healing scarf. The ikat-like stripe separate the words. The width of the ikat stripes is flexible and is determined by how wide I want the finished scarf to be.

These warps are always such a surprise since the starting point is what I want to say rather than what I want the weaving to look like. I, who would never choose yellow as a favorite color am totally amazed at how that big yellow stripe "makes" this warp. I can't wait to start weaving this scarf.

The words (from right to left) COURAGE/FAMILY/HOPE/LOVE


Valerie said...

If my past experience is any indication, this just means that the time for those towels hasn't come yet. There is probably a reason you can't cut them right now.

The baby blanket is delicious! And the new warp is stunning. I'm with you on the yellow...not my favorite color, but sometimes you need sunshine.

Sono-Ma: Holly White-Wolfe said...

These towels are gorgeous!

I'd like to connect you to another weaver and kindred spirit over at Detours Around the loom. Please read:
if you get a minute.