Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weaving About WARP

Although I don't have adequate words to describe my impressions of attending a WARP meeting, I came home and immediately began an ikat project. Of course it helped that I got a commission to weave 5 towels. (the day after I got home!) I went through my very limited cotton stash and discovered I had just enough 8/2 unmercerized cotton yarn left over from my Turned Weft Ikat article in WeaveZine and the last Ikat workshop I taught.

The commission came on a Monday. On Tuesday I had a woman coming to the studio to watch me dress the loom, so I wound my warp (6 yds long 17" wide, sett 24 epi). So by the end of Tuesday, I was ready to weave!

I never know what these weavings will look like until I am actually weaving. I know I have said this before, but it is always a surprise.

I used a different weft color for each towel and kinda sorta measured---but not really.

And then my very favorite part---releasing the weaving---dragging the woven warp across the room....snapping a pic

Now I have to launder, cut apart and hem.


Cate Rose said...

This piece is particularly beautiful, Bonnie. Very ethnic. I love it!

Linda Temple said...

You have captured the energy of a WARP meeting! I missed it this year, but seeing your work reminded me of it. Thanks. Hope to meet you some day.

Robyn said...

thanks for weaving about your experience and sharingit

Melissa said...

They're beautiful!