Monday, October 1, 2007

Designing in the Raddle

Here I am at the place in the process of dressing the loom that most excites me. I arrange the warp chains in an order that seems pleasing. When I stepped back and looked at it, I thought there was too much black in the center.

Sadly this picture is out of focus, but I think you will be able to see how I am able to alter the design. I lift out the chains I want to move, and then reposition the ends in the raddle.

The ikat stripe to the left of the turquoise stripe (and the matching stripe the second ikat from the right) is the place where I dropped in the black I removed from the center. The black ikat stripes frame the commercial space-dyed stripes shown on the warping board in the last post.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you your pictures are once again a great help. I had been stuck with a color choice in a recent warp. Your pictures showed me that I can get unstuck and out of the box right in my raddle.
Love you website
Karen D