Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weaving Peace in Arlee--day 7 (although it feels like day 8)

Originally I decided to weave the word PEACE in English, Salish, and Tibetan.

Then PEACE in Mandarin, Thai, Japanese, Sanskrit, Hindi, and Hebrew appeared on the scene. Who knows what language will be next. Hebrew pictured below.

The pace slowed down a bit today, which was a good thing because we are almost finished with the second banner AND the warp. Because I don't have any 10/2 black un-mercerized cotton on hand, I rush ordered a pre-wound warp from Saori Santa Cruz in hopes it will arrive by Thursday.

What we didn't have in quantity, was more than made up for in quality with delightful young artists taking to the loom like pros.

What delights will tomorrow bring?
I know some of you may be wondering, "How do these random seeming stripes spell out words?" I know I have explained this somewhere among the blog posts, but if anyone takes the time to ask, I will explain again.


Mary said...

Yes please explain how you determine the colors to the letters.
Thank you

Gerri said...

I keep reading it and it isn't totally sinking in, so a repeat will be welcome. I tried to figure it out from the pictures of "peace" in different languages, that was in one post. Thought I had it! Ok!! looked at the next word...no!! I don't.

In many ways it doesn't really matter. I enjoy reading of your adventures.