Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weaving Peace in Arlee--day 4

At long last, Donna sits down at the loom for the first time. She assures me it won't be the last.

The day proceeded with a variety of weavers of all ages.

I made a little video of Grace weaving, but I haven't had much luck getting video onto my blog. I will give it another try later.

And the biggest miracle is that 3 yards of weaving was completed. It is cut off the loom, but I still am only able to put 5 images on a blog post. I know folks insist that I can do more than 5, and I do see that others on blogger do.

Stay tuned for the first view of the first banner. Hey, don't ask me how they are going to hang. I will cross that bridge---well, later.

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