Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weaving Peace in Arlee--day 8 (the prequel)

I am in the planning stage to teach on-line classes through Weavolution for those people who really want to know and understand the process of creating TALKING THREADS AND WOVEN WORDS. Stay tuned for more on this. Meanwhile check out the array of classes currently offered at Cyber Fiber: the Weavolution online classroom.

As I awaitr the arrival of a second warp, (to weave panels 3 & 4), I thought I would go back to the arrival of Saori Loom in a Box.

Since I am the sort of person who (when they move into a new place) hangs picture where there are already nails, I enlisted the help of some weaver friends.

It was a bit more complicated that I had hoped or imagined.

Slowly but surely, a loom began to take shape.

The loom comes with a pre-wound warp. The thread are held in relative order by means of a piece of tape.

Once I surrendered to the reality that this loom is a bit different from the looms I am used to, I began to enjoy the idea of actually learning something new. It is so easy to become fixed in "my method"--leaving little room for growth.

And will you look at this---the very first blog post where I have figured out how to upload more than 5 images.
Tomorrow will have banner #2 on display, and will have my fingers crossed I will be recreating the image above threading my second warp.

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