Monday, January 17, 2011

Surprise and Delight

Here is the next installment as promised. What you see below is where I am at this moment.

I am somewhat stymied as to weft selection.

So when in doubt, try them all!

I am particularly delighted with the patterns created by the variegated yarn. (especially when I think of the hours I spent carefully placing each warp end to create a design) (wry grin)

Last night I sent these pictures to the client to see if she had any preference. I had thought the blue would be her choice, but she selected the greenest shade (not pictured in close-up) with occasional variegated stripes.

I need to complete this fairly rapidly (must ship by the end of the week) although my inclination is to linger and enjoy the ever changing shades and nuances.


Meg said...

It looks like a man's summer kimono fabric to me! In linen! It's a lovely handsome piece of cloth, Bonnie.

Sandra Rude said...

It's going to be spectacular! Already is, in fact... Love those neutrals.

Melissa said...

What an intricate, yet cohesive fabric. Beautiful.

HerminiaRegolf said...

A very nice color combination!!!