Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Loom Country and More Weaving

I had the great pleasure of visiting and having lunch with Barbara Hand (and I believe introducing her to the blogasphere and visa versa). It seems that Barbara has been so busy weaving on this 13 ft. Glimakra that she hasn't gotten around to blogging about it. I am sure this isn't the biggest loom in the world. In fact, I think I saw one at least as big in New Mexico, but it may well be the biggest loom in Montana. Oh, please correct me if I am wrong.

I will be happy to to tell you more about Barbara, who has been weaving in Missoula for decades. In fact, she actually lived across the street from me the last time I lived in Missoula. (30+ years ago) I snapped this picture with my phone, so you will have excuse the lack of detail.

Now back to my weaving. I have been totally entranced by the accidental patterns

I decided to use them as random accents.

Each time I weave an accent, it is slightly different.

I know you can hear the last paper dropping off the warp beam. I will complete the weaving tomorrow for sure.


Anonymous said...

I love what's happening! I'd be so thrilled to see that happening on my loom!

Meg said...

I LOVE your accidents, Bonnie. They are so beautiful.

As for the big loom, well, it's big alright, I wonder if the weaver can feel a connection to ever warp and weft weaving on a monster like that. Though I know that's a very personal thing, and doesn't depend on the loom.

Bonnie said...

Barbara received a commission to weave a series of rugs for a very large home. When she told the client that she didn't have a loom large enough to weave the size rug required, the woman bought her the loom (which she will get to keep). I can't imagine what it feels like to weave this way, but then I have hardly ever woven a rug. (certainly not in this century)

Valerie said...

Love those happy accidents! Just lovely and such a different palette for you.

Unknown said...

Terrific to see old Missoula friend Barbara - virtually - once again! ~Sue Seymour in MA

Haasilein said...

13 foot !!! Oh, that s big !
I like the colors from your work, there a full of harmony !

Lovely Greetings from Munich,

kyi may kaung said...

I have been searching for Barbara Hand for some time--Barbara, I knew you in Cornell. Pl contact me at

or my blog

as a comment- fr you.

I am an artist now and would love to be back in touch with you, kyi may