Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Puzzle with No Wrong Pieces

...But some pieces are more right than others.
I'm trying to find the most effective arrangement for this series of 22 wrapped blessings. This is a surprise gift (I hope they don't read this blog) for an old friend. The blessing words were gathered by friends. Once I settle on the order, I will give a rundown on the actual words. Plus I will tell you how I do my wrapping. As to why I do them.... well, it started out being a tool to see what a warp colors would look like next to each other. Then for a long time, I created lots of brooches using scrap silk ikat dyed yarn. It was probably then that the wrapping began to seem like "objects" unto themselves.
The actual size is 8" at the widest and 16 1/2" high.
I'm not so happy with the one below, but it's different.

This one is interesting to me. I wrapped 22 sticks, but there are actually only 11 blessings. I wrapped each blessing twice.
Example: 1st wrapping stick 1" wide. L.O.V.EE.V.O.L
2nd wrapping stick 1/2" wide E.V.O.LL.O.V.E
Then I place completed wrapping 2 on top of completed wrapping 1. Now the finished piece will be 8" wide by 11" high

I'm not sure whether this one is right side up or upside down.

I am just finishing the piece on the loom, so I will have some actual weaving to show off soon.


Valerie said...

Interesting pieces. The second one approximates the silhouette of the continental US. The shape of the third one reminds me of a military badge.

I like the top one best...I think it's because it has a sort of human form.

What fun and what a special gift for your friend.

Meg said...

I find the photos in this post mesmerizing - so much so I've come back to read the words! (You know me...) And they are fascinating.

I seldom make wrappings, but these are object of admirations by themselves!

Meg said...

If you make fridge magnets out of these, say a set of 20 with purples, teals, greens and gold, I'd be your first customer, Bonnie. I'll probably get a few sets!

tommye said...

Great ideas for tapestry... thanks for sharing!

Bev said...

Bonnie, I really like the second one. It looks like a Native American bird of some sort. Very spiritual and very powerful.