Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cashmere Stash in Studio

Before I begin the weaving, I decided a complete inventory of my cashmere was necessary. I haven't weighed my stash, but it is juicy.

Since the warp is so busy, I think a neutral would be the best weft. I sent the picture below to Paula, the recipient, and she agreed that perhaps a solid black would be the best choice for weft.
So black it is. (By the way, the largest balls weigh about 2 oz) I know that knitters cringe at the idea storing yarn in balls because it removes the elasticity, but in weaving the elasticity is not a boon. Plus, the tight balls helps remove the crimp that comes with un-knitting.

So let the weaving begin! The looms were restless and decided to move around the room. Now Gary is facing North, and Grace thought it might be nice to be at a jaunty angle. The jury is still out on the move.

Here is a little peek at what I am working on that is not weaving. Since Weaving Spirit is a weaving blog, I am conflicted about posting my non-weaving divergences. Since I already have a second blog, Bonnie Inspired, I am not sure I have the energy to start up another.


Valerie said...

First, Happy Birthday!!

Your socks are in progress. I finished the heels on both socks, decided that they weren't good enough, so ripped the heels and am in the middle of the second effort. Stay tuned!

I see no reason to post about your nonweaving creativity. After all it's the weaving spirit in you which inspires those things. Please...we want to see more and not have to link to another blog.

You inspired me to look up Nia. Turns out a local yoga studio that I'm familiar with has Nia classes....but for now, I'll stick with yoga.

March is a good month for you.

Bonnie said...

Delighted about the socks, but confused about the rest of the comment. Did you mean to say "I see no reason NOT to post...."

That's funny about Nia, because I am thinking of ADDING Yoga to my practice.

Carrie said...

Hi Bonnie! What great timing on this post. I just have started unknitting the bag of cashmere sweaters I bought after the Horoscope workshop I took with you in St. Louis. It can be a little bit frustrating at times, but once I get the pieces apart it's going so well. Thanks as always for sharing your fantastic ideas :)

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Gjeani said...

Hi Bonnie, I love your cashmere stash! and happy birthday to you. That sure is a BIRTHDAY!!
I can't wait to see this one woven with black and how it turns out.


ohhhhhh, look cashmere yummmmm I love it all the colors just lovely. Why wouldn't you post about your other creative outlets? I had two blogs and gave one up to much to keep up with so I condensed everything I do to it, even if it's more weaving than anything else. So what exactly are we peeking at there? Looks very interesting.

Valerie said...

Sorry about that....you are right, there is a supposed to be "not" in there: I see no reason not to post.

Guess as a weaver I was trying to avoid (k)nots!