Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm weaving away on my Birthday. (and it is going along really well!). One of the very best things about ikat-like warps in plain weave is the delight in watching a design unfold. Since I never make a sketch ahead of time, I am surprised at every inch, so much so that I savor every moment.
Perhaps the joy in weaving is the gift I have received for having woven for 50 years. I feel that I no longer have to strive to become the Queen of Weaving or compete for time in the "woven mile".

Remember the words in the weaving above LAUGH OFTEN()LOVE MUCH()LIVE WELL. What a gift to be weaving these words on my birthday. It's a party on the loom.

I'm having so much fun blending the computer with my woven images. That is basically what I have been doing since the new year.

Oops, I accidentally erased the picture. I have never figured out how to put a picture back. But I think the blog is all about going forward, so I will put the picture in tomorrow.


Trisha said...

Happy birthday, Bonnie! I have never written, but read your blog faithfully. You are so inspiring. Thank you for what you do.

Life Looms Large said...

Happy birthday!!! Sounds like you had a great day!!


Valerie said...

Happy Birthday!!

What you say about weaving is very much in sync with what James Koehler says in the most recent Weavecast.

There is something very nice about the number 68.

Connie Peterson said...

Happy Birthday!! You "ain't" that much older than me ... I celebrated 66 in January. I have my new loom up and dressed and ready to weave. However, it's a Harrisville kit that has been folded for years and needs a lot of TLC from my carpenter husband to be able to weave. The harnesses cross when lifted - we finally got them to lift evenly as my granddaughter crawled under and re-hooked up the rollers. And it is not folded out to the proper length so it folds as I beat ... but it WILL get fixed. He is coming to my daughter's house to collect me tomorrow and will fix it before we go home so the girls can try to weave on it.

Enjoy your warp and weaving ... it is awesome on the picture.

Sandra Rude said...

Happy Birthday, and here's to a year of happy weaving ahead.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! "party on the loom" I love that! Enjoy, Gerri

grace lovelace said...

bonnie, happy birthday to you!
you inspire me

Anonymous said...

Hello and a belated happy birthday, Bonnie.
I have delivered the baby blanket and will send you the pictures soon.
I really like how you celebrate!
Shelley Hamilton

Peg in South Carolina said...

A lovely way to spend a birthday!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Happy Birthday!!! I still have to finish the lovely shawl you designed for me, and then I will send you a picture.

Meg said...

50 years of weaving... Did you say you started when you were 3?

OK, so Happy Birthday once again. But by now, Thursday may be over your way... I completely got it wrong this year. I shall try harder next year, Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday---I will become 48 one week from today. I am a fledgling weaver. I have bought a baby Wolf, and conned the instructor at the local art gallery to give a beginning weaving class in June. I have a warp on the loom and have been weaving a little, but I am *very* excited to take lessons and actually learn how you are supposed to warp. My first attempt was such a huge tangled mess that it went into the trash. It wasn't a total waste though---I did learn a few things to *not* do. I have been handspinning and dyeing for about 10 years now, and learned to knit when I was about seven. I hope that adding weaving to the mix will give me even more options in the creative process and that I can combine the other fiber stuff I do with weaving, like adding knitted trims, etc. Anyway, I wanted to stop lurking long enough to wish you a good day and tell you how much I enjoy and am inspired by your blog.


Bev said...

A belated happy birthday, Bonnie. I'm sorry to be absent lately, but I've been traveling a lot and spending some time with my best friend and her husband on their farm up in the Poconos. Between that and getting my house cleaned out so I can sell has taken my life away from the net!