Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When in Doubt....Blog

As my TO DO list grows by leaps and bounds, I seek refuge at the loom. Who knew weaving would become a form of procrastination?! But now I have to take a little break from the loom and procrastinate just a little more. When I view blogging as a form of procrastination, how much more fun!

Before I continue, please check out this lovely review of the Golden Gate Fiber Institute and see a lovely horoscope warp.

Although the Seattle Weavers Guild Sale is at the end of October, I must get some weaving done for this event since a picture of my lavender sachets is featured on the postcard.

My goal with this warp (besides cutting it up into 6" squares and sew into sachets) is to make each 6" square different. This is a very exciting design as you go (wefty) weaving.

My goal in the previous sachet warp was to design the whole cloth. Even though plan plan was to cut it up, I wanted it to hold together as a single design.

I'm sure this piece will be much more fun to cut up. In answer to Valerie, check out the shuttle below. This is my new shuttle I was lucky enough to win at Golden Gate. Winding weft by hand may seem insane (and maybe it is), but I have at least 2 valid reasons for using a rag shuttle.

1. Winding small amounts of yarn and frequent intervals forces me to take lots of weaving breaks. Next year I will celebrate 50 years of weaving. I owe my weaving longevity to this "slow" method.
2. Since I don't spin, I winding weft by hand give me an opportunity to handle every inch of yarn.
3. I am able to blend and design multiple strands of yarn (virtual spinning)

Now that I am finished procrastinating on my procrastination, I will go back and weave off this warp.


Valerie said...

oh...thanks for the answer.

Bonnie, I would never think you insane. Incredibly creative: yes. Insane: no.

Sachet warp is lovely!

Peg in South Carolina said...

I think you are right on target about slow weaving and preserving your body. I did not realize you blend multiple strands of yarn. How could I have missed this? Obviously I need to pay better attention.