Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camera Arrives

I didn't realize just how much I love and missed my trusty Nikon Coolpix P5100! Although they no longer make this model (isn't it always the way), I found one on-line for less than I paid for it a year ago. My new camera arrived yesterday! I am a happy camper.

While I was waiting for the camera's arrival, I finished dressing the loom for the blessing baby blanket.

And finished winding the warp for another series of lavender sachets I will be selling at the upcoming Seattle Weavers Guild Sale in October.

I finally figured out why I like setting up the loom so much. It is always a complete surprise to see what the warp is going to look like. I don't have to wait until I begin weaving. I don't even have to wait until I thread it through the reed. Just a few minutes into the raddle, a quick lashing onto the bar and voila!

If I weren't planning to cut this warp into lots of 5" squares, I might have paid more attention to the overall look of the piece, but I am rather charmed by the carefree look of it.

More to follow


Valerie said...

Ooooh! Love those baby blanket colors!

Dorothy said...

Both those warps are a treat for the eyes! I love your colours.

India said...

Fantastic colours! I like everything before weaving. It is like you need to know if the code was right and then I see it in the loom ready to weave it,it is not that interesting any longer some one else can weave it down. So I do not put so long warps in to my loom. I hope you understand my bad english, sorry for that.