Tuesday, April 14, 2009



I have so many ideas in my head and projects started that I haven’t known where to begin to write about it. Let me just pick up any old thread and follow it today, and see where it takes me.

Before I begin, let me say once again that I have 2 meme awards that I haven’t posted. I will continue to delay on them although my thanks to (fill in the blanks). I am sincerely grateful to both of you and will acknowledge them properly before the month is over.


One of my percolation projects is to set up an Etsy Store. I have been mulling this over for at least a year, perhaps longer, but finally I decided what I was going to sell---greeting cards using woven images and woven lavender sachets. When I used to participate in crafts fairs and shows back in the 90’s, I started making greeting cards just to have some inexpensive item to sell.


Over the years, I have created hundreds of designs. I decided to hand produce a line of 24 cards and to use the Sacramento Weavers to market test which designs to use.


I made up 100 different cards and asked those who wished to select their favorite card. If they could have one card, which one would they choose. I asked them to put their name and address on a post-it and stick it on the back of their first choice, and I would send them their cards.

When I returned home I discovered 53 people selected 29 styles which I whittled down to 24 designs which is the number I wanted. There were 5 I took out of the line because they were either too difficult to duplicate or they were so individual they didn’t fit into a grouping.

Like so many of my bright ideas, my 53 “gifts” turned out to be much more effort than I had imagined. Happily I mailed the last 6 off today! Now I can turn my attention to actually making them up. Pictures of the complete line to follow.

Now I have to decide what to call my “store”.


  1. Bonnie’s Weaving Spirit Store
  2. Bonnie Tarses Designs
  3. Bodacious Bonnie’s Bodega
  4. Outstanding Moral Fiber Emporium

Thoughts and comments appreciated.


Holly said...

Since "Bonnie Tarses" as already an established brand, I vote for "Bonnie Tarses Designs". Don't spend time and energy developing a new brand name...build on what you've got.

Kimberly said...

I agree with Holly. Use your established name.

Sandra Rude said...

Ditto! It'll make it easier for folks to find/recognize you if you keep the name consistent.

Cate Rose said...

Ditto from me, too. Are you using pieces of woven fabric on the cards, or digital images of woven images? If you're using actual woven fabric, can you be profitable doing it that way?
Hope things are going well for you. I still feel mighty up in the air, although physically I am moved.

Gerrie said...

Another vote for using your name, as Holly said. That does not, however, stop anyone, including you, from thinking of it as "Bodacious Bonnie’s Bodega!"

Anonymous said...

I agree with keeping the established name, you are the one and only Bonnie Tarses. But I do love 'Bodacious Bonnie's Bodega'. I have a weakness for alliterations and it suits you so well.
best wishes

Bev said...

I like the Bonnie Tarses Designs, too.


Meg said...

Ha ha ha, I would definitely have voted for Bodacous Bonnie. Sorry I came too late! Love the photos of your cloth, too.