Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gary has Visitors

Today Syne Mitchell and her son Kai came by to weave a bit of Mary Meigs Atwater's Horoscope Weaving. What a treat and an honor! Gary invited Kai to be the first boy to weave on him. Since I will be using this warp to cut up for swatches in my kits, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for a weaving experience.

I really love these pictures. Syne's sweater is one of the many cashmere sweaters I collected to recycle. It used to be white, so I decided to send it to Connie Rose to overdye. I thought it would be great fun to ravel a variegated --that was until I saw the sweater. It came out so beautiful I just couldn't take it apart. Sadly it didn't look good on me but, it was perfect on Syne, so she gets to "borrow" it until...

I noticed a teaching "style" I didn't realize I possess----spending 3 minutes talking to the person at the loom and then walking away. Hmmm

I've been thinking about "the woven mile" and wonder how long it took.

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Norma Tucker said...

Hey Bonnie -- It's Norma here. I'm in South Carolina visiting cousins, Carl and Naomi Freedman (my Dad's side). We're going to the Spoleto Festival tomorrow in Charleston. I wanted to show Naomi your website - she does some very interesting art work - tiling, painting, ceramics, etc. She wants to know if you are doing anything in these southern parts - SC, Fla, Ashville,NC, etc.

Take care Bonnie -- thinking of you - love your website --- Norma