Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here are the rest of the greeting card designs that were selected by the Sacramento Guild.
The 6 designs above are collages from direct scans of bamboo/cashmere weavings.

The 6 designs above are collages made from magazine images.

This group (1,2,3, and 6) are collages made from photographs of my weaving. 4 &5 belong with the middle group.

Which are your top 3 favorites? I am interested in producing a set of 9 cards. If you send me your top 3, I will compile the results based on your selections. Your name will be put into the pot for a drawing for a set of cards.

Select from these 18.
A 1 * A 2 * A 3
A 4 * A 5 * A 6

B 1 * B 2 * B 3
B 4 * B 5 * B 6

C 1 * C 2 * C 3
C 4 * C 5 * C 6


Valerie said...

I like the 6 in the top photograph. All of them....don't make me choose!

Leigh said...

I'm with Valerie. Any from the top group are equal favorites!

Katherine Regier said...

I prefer the cards made from scans of your own weaving best, and like them all. My favorites are: A2, A6,C5

Bonnie said...

It is so interesting to me to get this feedback. I hope that some other people weigh in. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Bonnie, why are there 27 choices but only 18 pictures? Anyway, FWIW, my faves are (I think): A-6, C-1, C-3 but they will all make nice cards.


Bonnie said...

Hi Fern, Thank heavens I only need to be able to count to four to weave. (grin) In my mind, I will have a total of 9 designs (I didn't include the designs from the Percolation post)

cwisner said...

A6, B4, C3 are my favorites.

Cindie said...

I think they're all great but my favorites are all the A group. I suppose because I can really see your weaving in those. Cindie

Denyse said...

Hi Bonnie,
I like the scans of your weaving best. A2, A5 & C1 are my favorite ones.
Weave In Beauty,

Meg said...

Absolutely the top set, Bonnie. So effective!!!

I also like C1 & C6.

But I'm all for Set A!!!

Bonnie said...

Hey All, Would you like it better if I just sent each of you your favorite one card, or that one of you would win a set?

Bonnie Samuel said...

These are all gorgeous! If I have to choose, the collages - b1, b2, b3.
I'll be buying a set of cards whatever you decide!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, all the cards are beautiful and it is so hard to choose...but choose I did.

Love C4, B4 & B5

Lovely cards! Lovely inspiration!

I could never use these cards for notes - think they would be awesome framed and hanging in my studio - lots of good karma!

hugs, Martha

Margreet said...

I like the top 6 too, all of them. Great cards, impossible to choose!

Holly said...

Bonnie -- who will be your target market? If it is weavers and people who love weaving, then go with group A. But if it is a more general artsy market, go with group C. My personal favor it group A, but we may not be the correct "focus group" for you to use.

Bonnie said...

Martha, Most people who have bought my cards over the years end up putting them in frames and hanging them on the wall.

I usually tell folks to buy 2, one to keep and one to send.

Holly, My target market is people who admire and appreciate my work. Since I will make each card by hand and will be a limited edition, I can keep my target fairly small. But that was a great question, thanks!

Denyse said...

One for each of us would be very nice indeed. :-)

Carol Graves said...

Bonnie - definitely use the scans of your own weavings!! The top six are fabulous, but if I have to pick only 3 I would say a3, c1 and c3. All the weaving scans are wonderful!!!! Carol Graves

Irma spaargaren said...

Hi Bonnie, Although it's hard to choose, the cards I like best are A3-A4 and C1.

Deanna said...

My three favorites are A3, A6 and C4.

Very cool!

Heidi Pettitt said...

I like a6, b6, and c5 the best, but I like all of a also.