Friday, March 6, 2009

New Workshop: Gamping With Bonnie

I have been working on variations of Gamping With Bonnie for over a decade. I used to call the workshop Color Horoscope Weaving. In CHW, the students would painstakingly create a winding draft from their personal horoscope and then wind their warp with 20/2 cotton which I provided. Then they would leave with their warps in hand to go home and thread their looms and weave. I discovered that 50% of the students never did weave their shawls, and I never got to see the weaving in progress or finished weavings.

Brainstorm! What if students gathered their own yarn, wound the warp at home where they could take their time and consentrate, threaded the loom and came to the workshop all ready to weave? Wouldn't this be more fun for everyone?

What I hoped:
1. Students would experiment with various wefts seeing other people's weaving in progress.
2. Students would learn about yarn and color selection.
3. I would be certain students would complete their weaving.
4. Students would have a fount of ideas for future weaving projects based on the same draft.

Hem stitching---something I have never done, but think is a great thing to do and plan to learn how to do it one day.

Susan, one of the happy weavers, experiments with weft colors.

And Carol actually finished her Color Horoscope Weaving!

All too soon everyone folded up their looms and went home.

I learned a lot about small looms. I was impressed by the variety of portable looms out there. If you have a workshop loom that you totally love, I would love to know.

I am still recovering from my birthday celebration---actually I am still celebrating, so goodbye for now.


Theresa said...

Getting your warp ready at home is a great idea. Many workshops have you do it so I think most weavers are familiar with doing it that way.
I'll give a shout out on the portable looms for a Woolhouse Carolyn, a smooth working non-folding table loom with 12 shafts, texsolv heddles ( quiet )
and a fab folding stand. 23" wide and lots and lots of whistles and bells for upgrades.

Cate Rose said...

Hi Bonnie,
Since all I do is fine stuff anymore (although I won't be weaving AT ALL for who knows how long), I hemstitch everything. I like the rhythm of it, and not having to fringe a piece.

Anonymous said...

I'm late checking in but a sincere "Happy Birthday!"

The celebrating keeps going as long as anyone says any thing about your birthday.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Brilliant idea!