Thursday, March 19, 2009


I enjoyed the Color Horoscope Weaving workshop so much that I have a hard time thinking what I would want changed. The class was much more than I expected.
I am thrilled with my finished shawl, errors and all. The shawl really makes me feel good. Yea!
Thank you so much for a great workshop.
I highly recommend taking your class if anyone gets the chance.
Sharon Berglund

Hi Bonnie,

I'm sure you thought I was never going to actually do this project, but I finally got it done. This was a thoroughly enjoyable process -- the online teaching and coaching was fun; the warp planning was inspiring and meaningful (and when else can you say that??); and I was amazed at the way this technique blended colors. I have to admit that I was skeptical of the warp, thinking the colors not compatible (and, I know, I chose the colors from that watercolor, thinking how could nature be wrong!). Luckily I followed your suggestion to make a wrap. I made some adjustments in color and placement, but was still wondering. As I began to weave I became a believer -- wow! the colors looked gorgeous. So now I have 4 towels that are more than towels, because of the message they convey. And I'm a lot more comfortable playing with color! Thank you, thank you!

I'm glad you liked the towels -- they were such fun to do. I loved the woven words technique and plan to use it again and again.

Jane Yelvington

PS. Forgot to say that the warp words are "home" (on each side, mirrored), "health", "grace" and "peace.

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