Friday, October 17, 2008


Thanks to clear directions from Bonnie, complete with helpful hints, I loved working on this shawl. You can see it pictured here on a stereo speaker sculpture designed by my husband, Fred. I am allowing the speaker to model the shawl for Bonnie's archive because I simply never remember to get anybody to take my picture in it! Once I put on the shawl, I go sailing out the door to some special event with no thought of pictures, I guess.The colors from the Cotton Clouds kit are fabulous, and the drape and sheen of the bamboo fiber is difficult to capture in a photo but apparent in real life.

Sincerely, Lynda (Black Mountain, NC)

Here is a lovely detail complete with twisted fringe. This unique method of color blending always surprises me with an unexpected array of colors.

If you have completed one of my kits, I would love to show off the results!

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Meg said...

Beautiful colors. Amazing.