Monday, October 6, 2008

Fruits of the Ikat Towel Workshop

Remember last winter when I taught a Turned Weft Ikat Workshop on Whidbey Island and the article I wrote for WeaveZine? I received a towel from most of the students. It was like I was receiving housewarming presents.

Note the second and third towels from the right are mine.

I took the towels with me to Baltimore on my most recent visit to my mom and had her select her 3 favorite towels. They became part of her 90th birthday present.


Sandra Rude said...

Hi, Bonnie, Hope you had a great time with your mom. When you have a chance, check my blog where you will find a small gift - not the same one you gave me a while back, but an award all the same! Cheers - Sandra

Bonnie said...

If there was ever a welcome back to blogging, this sure is it! Thanks a million Sandra!