Monday, March 31, 2008

A Typical Picean Dilemma

The symbol for Pisces is 2 fish swimming in opposite directions.

I'm back in Seattle full of images and stories from my trip to Santa Fe, and at the same time I have so much to do in the studio.Do I write about my first experience in the Southwest chasing tumbleweed down an empty road?
Or do I get in gear and get my 2 empty looms warped?

For the first 24 hours back in town I was so torn, I did nothing at all. Then I couldn't stand having my looms empty, so I opted to wind and warp looms, moving forward.

Rather than decide in which direction to go, I will attempt to move forward and backward at the same time. As I weave forward, I will relate back to events of the trip. I believe this trip, although not a teaching trip, will prove to be life-changing and was certainly full of self-discovery.


Gail said...

The looms look beautiful, such lovely color.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Welcome back! I, too, would put the warp(s) on because I really do not like an empty loom either. I look forward to watching you weave and learning about your Santa Fe trip. I had forgotten Santa Fe. We went there on vacation a few years ago, and I could move to Taos in a flash.