Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gamping With Bonnie

Discover the pure fun and adventure to be found in plain weave—especially if you begin with your own Color Horoscope warp to create—

A Gamp for All Seasons”--color theory in action!

Websters Dictionary says, “gamp” n, a humorous British term for an umbrella.

Harriet Tidball's definition of a gamp.
"A gamp is a systematic arrangement of warp threadings or warp color sequences in sections of equal size, each section being a minimum of two inches and not more than six, and woven as drawn in."

Bonnie Tarses’ definition of the verb “to gamp”
“At frequent intervals while weaving, you keep wondering how this or that color might look and then giving every color a try.”

I have taught Color Horoscope Weaving workshops for over a decade. In these workshops, students would translate their horoscope into a winding draft, and then wind the warp. Students would set up their loom at home and weave whenever. I never got to see the finished weaving. In fact, I never knew if people actually did the weaving. The weaving is the most fun part! It is the only reason to go through such an intense winding process.

Recently I developed a winding draft and complete instructions (A Gamp For All Seasons Kit) that allow students to wind and warp their personal warp at home where they can go at their own pace with none of the distractions and discomforts of a classroom setting. Once their looms are warped, students bring them to the workshop ready to weave. (unless there is a studio set up with floor looms). Now everyone (including me) gets the benefit of seeing all the warp variety and color variations. We weave together in community, learn from each other and have a joyous colorful weaving party, a regular indoor gamping trip. S,mores welcome.

I am trying out a new format and redesigning my Color Horoscope Weaving workshop. This is how it is on my website now .

I am about to have my website moderately overhauled. I'll be upping my fee, changing the workshops around, redesigning the gallery, updating the calendar and adding a selling page.

Let's hope I can get this all done before I leave for Santa Fe on Friday.

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Peg in South Carolina said...

Bonnie, your website is marvelous. If I were still with the Atlanta weaving guild (or any guild for that matter!), I would definitely be pushing for one of your workshops.