Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Progress Report

I just cut this horoscope scarf/shawl off the loom and was so excited I had to post it. Warp is Bambu 12 doubled and sett at 24 epi and the weft is Bambu 12 single thread.

So then I just jumped onto the other loom, Bambu 7, sett 20 epi. I put an extra yard on because I wanted to sample some different colored wefts. The first band is Bambu 7, Sunflower. I think it washes out the color too much. The second band is Bambu 7, China Red. I am liking that one better. I think I am going to try using a Bambu 12 weft and see how that goes.

Here's a nice little detail.

Opinions welcome! I'm going to eat some lunch, and let the threads discuss what will happen next.


Unknown said...

Definitely go with the red... the iridescence you get on the left side with the blue and turquoise is just amazing.

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU!!
With loads of special wishes for a wonderful year ahead,

~ Michele

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday!! I have woven a towel for you, but there's still more warp to weave off. Then it will make it's way to you.

I like the red weft, but it all looks so fun!