Saturday, March 10, 2007

Virtual Blogger Continued Some More

I just came across this image. I think I like it even better than the other earlier 2. Feedback is welcome.
I had just gotten my digital camera and was figuring out the delay mechanism, so I could take pictures of myself.

I used a regular white glue thinned down and painted along all of the cut line. I wanted to have the best samples I could possibly make, so I conferred with the guild members who weave the best samples and asked how they finished off their samples. Using this glue method seemed the most efficient to me.
After the glue dried, the cutting began. It was a bit scary at first, but then it got to be rather fun.


Unknown said...

Interesting about the glue--I just used that technique on my blankets and it saved me a huge amount of time hem stitching what I eventually just cut off and turn under as a hem anyway. It seemed to wash out just fine.

Looking forward to seeing your samples!

Christa Giles said...

Hm! I wonder if this would translate into knitting steeks - I'm just doing my first steeked sweater (not colourwork, just a cardi-coat I'm knititng in the round 'cause I want it to go FAST and purling isn't fast enough)... and was thinking of ways to avoid machine stitching the steek before cutting it. Hm!