Friday, March 9, 2007

A Virtual Blogger from Way Back

Several years ago, I volunteered to weave samples for the Seattle Weavers Guild Bulletin (360 samples, 3”x3”ea.). I decided I would use my faux ikat technique—to use commercially space-dyed yarn and create the look of warp ikat. Not to go off on a technical rant, I decided to design a cloth in such a manner that each 3” square would be different and each would be a unique miniature abstract painting. Then as I was weaving, I realized just how beautiful the cloth was as a whole. I started to feel bad about the fact that I would have to cut it into little squares, but as I was weaving I started to think about those Tibetan Sand Painters. They spend a week creating this beautiful sand painting and then they just scatter it to the wind. I saw that what I was doing in cloth was the very same thing. I would be scattering my weaving to the wind. I got so excited. How to make the very best squares

I did something and all of my pictures disappeared for this post. Sorry about that. I think I tried to add too many pictures at once. Now the "Add Image" icon is not obeying me. Sigh.

The pictures below do show some of the faux ikat samples. I was going to show you pictures of creating the whole cloth. Remind me to show you sometime.

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