Friday, March 9, 2007

So Hot Off the Loom the Threads are Still Warm

"Add Image" has forgiven me because I went and finished this weaving. 3/2 ikat dyed cotton warp. I'll take this piece with me as a sample. I apologize for the dark picture. I'll take a better picture after I wash it. I pulled this piece off of Grace, my 4 harness Gilmore. Next, I think I'll work on the bamboo ikat blanket commission panel #2. I'll get it set up on Grace before I go teaching.

Ok, now I will go and work on Gary this evening. You may have thought I had abandoned the big loom. I was merely resisting surrender. I believe I have finally given in to the fact I will have to sit for many hours and weave if I want to "have woven".

1 comment:

Corbie said...

That's gorgeous! Makes me want to try the ikat technique. Thanks for the inspiration!