Saturday, March 10, 2007

Giving Gary a Little Attention

Form and Freedom---the warp is all form (bamboo Woven Words) and the weft is freedom (space-dyed rayon chenille in random order)

Granted this is an unusual weaving, not the colors I resonate with. There are some very inspired sections which I can't wait to show you once I cut this off the loom. It may not happen today, but soon.


Christine said...

I've been lurking, muhahaha! I've also been stuck on what yarn to use for a tabby in a baby blanket and you have inspired me to use chenille. I'm using a different BamBoo,which also because of you I will switch to Bambu. Is all bamboo super slick? My warp ends don't like to stay tightly knotted. I'm about to get Elmer's glue on them!

Bonnie said...

Hi Christine,Thanks for your comment. I would be somewhat hesitant to use rayon chenille in a baby blanket if the blanket is going to be used a lot. I might be more inclined to use a cotton chenille which might better hold up to frequent laundering.

I am curious about the bamboo yarn you are using because my yarn is not super slick, and I have never had any problems with knots staying tightly knotted. I would find that extremely frustrating.