Saturday, March 17, 2007


If you have tried to post a comment and haven't been able to, email me from my website.

I really enjoy your blog. Perhaps it's because I also love working with color. My Masters Thesis at Seattle University in 1973 was on Color. I remember when giving my orals I wore an orange Mexican embroidered dress with yellow socks and red shoes. One professor on my committee said that he didn't hear a word that I spoke because of the garment that I was wearing. Of course, this was back in the 70's............

I love your blog. Perhaps there are others that can not post either. Please continue with it. As more weavers find it i am sure more will comment. I am not and have never been big into complex weaves. I LOVE color.

I really like Bamboo over Tencel but I have a lot of Tencel in stock so thought that I can use some of it up in this workshop. Can Bamboo and Tencel be mixed????? Just in case I don't have enough colors in Tencel.

I do have a sample(s) of Tencel and chenille. I'll bring it/them to the workshop. I'm looking forward to it next month. Should be lots of fun.

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Laritza said...

Your color work is an inspiration! Thanks for starting and keeping up the blog.